If there is one word that can best describe the absolute focus of Mason Propane and everyone who works here, it’s service. We always strive to deliver the most that’s possible to our customers, be they new or old. Everyone deserves nothing but the best from us. That’s why we’re always trying to offer more ways for our loyal client base to benefit from our experience and save a few extra dollars in the process.

Everyone has to deal with the fact that when the temperatures drop in winter time, the price of propane goes up. It’s just a fact of life. That doesn’t mean that it’s right. And while other companies might have thought it wrong to see their customers stuck paying more when they need fuel more than ever, Mason Propane is the company who did something about it. We created our Pre Pay Plan, giving customers an opportunity to save money during winter by purchasing their propane ahead of time at a fixed rate. We’ve helped people save as much as $80 per 100 gallons purchased vs. the cost of buying that fuel at winter rates.

Our Level Pay Plan was created to remove the big irregular payments that can make propane prohibitive for some households and businesses. We’ll average out your estimated annual propane costs into a dozen set monthly payments, all at the same rate and coming out on a date that works for you. Couple that with our Remote Tank Monitoring setup and let us take care of everything. Through that system, which costs nothing to set up and only $9.99 per month, we can monitor your propane tank levels for you. Once those levels hit a certain point, we’ll dispatch a delivery truck without you needing to do anything.

Mason Propane wants to be about far more than delivering propane at great prices, though. Mason Propane can run any and all propane piping that you require, be it for a new system, an expansion of an existing one, or replacing worn down components. We can install a brand new aboveground or underground propane tank with minimal disruption to your everyday life. And we can connect all of your propane appliances, fireplaces, grills and more so that you know that everything is operating safely.

Mason Propane is the answer to all of your propane delivery and service needs throughout Puget Sound.