Pre-Buy Plan

Every winter, the demand for propane rises as people begin using more fuel than usual in order to keep warm while the snow falls outside. And every winter, that increased demand causes the cost of propane to rise. That might be how the marketplace works, but that doesn’t mean that we need to be happy about it. At Mason Propane, we weren’t happy to see our loyal customers stuck paying a higher rate for the propane they needed to heat their homes and businesses. It just didn’t seem right, and we wondered if there was some way that we could help them get around the problem. It turns out that there was.

That way around the issue is our Pre-Buy Plan. Rather than customers buying winter propane at a higher rate, we let them buy it ahead of time. We’ll allow for propane to be purchased and built up in the lead-up to winter at a lower fixed rate per gallon. We guarantee that every gallon purchased at this rate will be stored for the customer. Then, once winter hits, we deliver that pre-purchased propane out of those stored quantities.

In Winter 2010/2011, our Pre-Buy customers saved an average of 66 cents per gallon, working out to $66 per 100 gallons of propane purchased. Winter 2009/2010 was even better, with customers saving an average of 80 cents per gallon, or a whopping $80 per 100 gallons purchased. Those kinds of numbers really add up when you consider how much propane the average household is likely to use over the course of an entire winter season.

With Winter 2013/2014 already upon us, it’s too late to enjoy Pre-Buy savings for this cold season. However, we’re already taking Pre-Buy orders for Winter 2014/2015 at a flat rate of $2.19 per gallon. You can pre-purchase large lump sum amounts, or in smaller bits over time, and we’ll store it. Then, between November 31, 2014 and April 30, 2015, we’ll make your winter propane deliveries out of that stored fuel. How long will the Pre-Buy program run for? We’ll allow you to purchase at $2.19 per gallon through August 31, 2014 or until we simply cannot afford to sell another gallon at that low rate.

If you have any questions, please contact us toll free (866) 609-3713.