Level Pay Plan

One of the biggest impediments to making the switchover to propane for many people is the irregular, lump-sum payment system. It can be difficult to fit those big payments into a household budget, particularly when you can’t know ahead of time when these payments might come up. You pay per delivery, and knowing at the start of the year when those deliveries might be needed is difficult, if not impossible.

Mason Propane wanted to find a way to make propane a more affordable fuel source for more households and businesses. So we’ve put together our Level Pay Plan program. Any one of our customers is eligible to be set up with a Level Pay Plan, whether you’ve done business with us for weeks or for years.

We’ll take a look at your annual propane costs, based on previous business done with you as well as some estimates based on deliveries for the current year. Then we’ll take that total and divide it into twelve equal payments. Now you know exactly how much those monthly payments will be, as well as when they need to be paid, just like every other expense which you have over the course of the year. Much easier to fit into those budgets, and it’s a more affordable option than what can otherwise be sizable delivery invoices.

We won’t charge you a single penny to get started with this program. You won’t ever incur finance charges so long as your payments are received each month. And you can make your monthly payments in a variety of ways : check, credit card, or automated deduction. So there’s something that will work for nearly any customer.

Mason Propane really wants to make propane a realistic and affordable option for everyone out there. If our Level Pay Plan sounds like something that could work for you, call the office at any time Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. We’ll happily take the time to get you set up and enrolled as soon as possible so that you can start enjoying the savings of regular payments which are easy to plan for. And call us up if you have any questions, too.