Propane Generators For Your Home

Life in the Puget Sounds region means living with the beauty of nature all around us. It also means dealing with a power grid that can be a tad unreliable at times. Everyone at Mason Propane lives in Mason County, so we understand what it’s like to be stuck dealing with power irregularities and blackouts. And there is nothing worse than being stuck dealing with a power outage when it’s cold outside. The residents of this beautiful area need the best propane generators for home use. At Mason Propane we can provide this, and include tanks for both purchase and lease.

That understanding of what an at-times unreliable power grid can be like is part of the reason why Mason Propane has always pushed to be experts when it comes to standby generators. Because having a reliable backup option can really be a necessity in these parts. Mason Propane’s qualified professionals can help you choose the right generator option for your home or business, and we can install it the right way. You’ll gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re secure even if the power goes down, and from knowing that your generator is installed properly.

Since Mason Propane is only satisfied with delivering the absolute best of equipment and customer service to all of you, we’ll only deal with the best generators on the market. All of the Briggs & Stratton, GE and Kohler model standby generators and tanks that we sell are top-of-the-line in reliability and power production. And with the selection we have on offer, something is available to fit the power production needs to keep nearly any home or business operating when the power goes down.

A standby generator which requires you to stumble around in a dark basement with a flashlight in order to get the system running simply isn’t a reasonable solution. That’s why our standby generators are automatically triggered when the power system fails. With scarcely a hiccup in power production, you’ll be up and running again as though nothing happened. Even if you don’t use propane normally to fuel your home, one of our generating systems can still be installed and used when necessary.

Finally, Mason Propane puts all of our propane generator owners on our Top Priority List. In the event of a power failure, this means that everyone on that list is given priority for propane deliveries until the grid is back online. We’ll keep your generator up and running for as long as necessary so that your life is disrupted as little as possible.

So if you need a reliable backup plan for your home, call us up today. Let’s start ensuring that you’re ready to face those power problems in the future.

Standby Generators & Tanks