A locally owned and operated propane company, Mason Propane has been delivering propane and great service to the residents and builders of Puget Sound since 1999. Our success is because we know what the people here want and need. You want a reliable source for propane fuel to keep your homes and businesses up and running. And you want a company that can deliver everything you need at a fair price. You asked and we listened.

Mason Propane offers prompt propane delivery whenever you place an order. Fill in an order form online, or give us a call, and we'll send a truck your way as quickly as possible. We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard and Discover as forms of payment, and all of the customers who place an online order are automatically entered in a monthly draw for 50 gallons of free propane. If you're a new customer, we'll replace your tanks for no charge at all.

Since Mason doesn't exist to by making a buck off of cheesy extra fees and surcharges, we won't add an extra cost to your bill if we're filling tanks that you own. We won't charge you anything extra for topping off the BBQ grill while we're delivering to your home, only billing you for the propane. And if you ever want or need an inspection of your propane system, we'll send out a fully qualified inspector to look everything over at no cost to you.

We always want to help our customers to the best of our abilities. That's why Mason Propane stepped up and did something about those winter rate hikes for propane that are an annual nuisance. Anyone who wishes to avoid those increases in price can purchase their winter propane ahead of time, paying a flat rate per gallon. We'll store your fuel until winter comes around, then make your deliveries out of those stocks. From our Level Pay Plans that help make propane easier to fit into the budget with a set monthly rate, to Remote Tank Monitoring that can allow us to keep an eye on your propane tank levels and temperature readings, Mason Propane is always willing to offer whatever we can to improve the customer experience.

We haven't even touched on our experienced installation staff. Our certified technicians are able to put in place a standby generator system that will bail you out when the power goes out.

It's for these reasons and more that Mason Propane are your best option in Puget Sound. Give us a call and let us begin to show you everything that we have to offer everyone throughout the region.

Mason Propane is a respected propane supplier in Mason County near me. As one of the leading delivery services in Bremerton and Shelton WA, consumers rely on the company for their specific propane needs.